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Great White Granular 1 by Plant success is an ideal organic fertilizer to join with your substrate

Great White Granular 1 by Plant Success is an organic fertilizer that’s made from Glomus Intraradices, fungi that’s capable of creating symbiosis with your plants’ roots so that both can thrive with each other. The Preventive Terranabis Tripack can help with unwanted fungi and insect attacks

These fungi feed off of your plants’ residues while also helping their roots to absorb nutrients, forming a sort of chain around them which your plants then use to transport nutrients. Your plants will end up with an enormous root system; up to 70% larger, which makes for bigger, healthier and higher-yielding plants. .

Dosage and how to use Great White Granular 1:

  • Mixed with substrate: Mix 150g of Great White Granular 1 per 50L of substrate.
  • Mid-grow: Make three shallow holes in the substrate and add a teaspoon of Great White Granular 1 to each hole.

Composition of Great White Granular 1:

  • Glomus Intraracides – 132 prop/gram


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